-Be over 18 years old.

-Provide detailed describtions of the character(s)/things you want me to draw. Picture refrences are prefered but not requierd!

-Payment upfront and with Paypal in €.

-B&W and flat color take about a day to finish full paintings take around 1 to 3 days. Any delays will of course be notified and you can always ask for progress images.

-I'll also always send progress images after sketching -> lines/flat color -> rendering. Changes can always be requested w/o extra charge.

-Each extra character is +10€. Each extra panel is +20€ (if you want a comic max. 5 panels).

-The prices are assumed to be for full body illustrations (~80% of the character(s) visible). If you specifically request half body/head shot its -10€.

-Full painting always inculde fully rendered backgrounds (unless you specifically request me not to).

-I cannot give refunds if you change your mind after paying/after I started to work on your piece so be sure of it before you commission me. However if something happens to me and I cannot complete your piece I'll give a 100% refund (inculding getting all work I've done up to that point).


Via direct message on instagram: @mudwurm

Via direct message on tumblr: supppe

Via email:

(I hold the right to refuse any commission for any reason)